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Benefits to clients

  1. Report completed within days of the event, allowing you to follow up without delay

  2. Considerable time saved in-house, freeing staff for other work

  3. A supportive tool for planning, organizational change and accountability

  4. Improved communication with stakeholders

  5. An accurate, objective record of discussion and debate

  6. Clear, readable writing that reflects the “language,” style and tone of your organization

Flexible options

I am available for meetings of all sizes, from small board meetings and strategic planning sessions to national and international conferences. I  offer a variety of options, depending on your needs and budget. I am very flexible in my approach and will tailor my service in consultation with you. Some options include:

  1. Conference proceedings

  2. As-was-said reports

  3. Thematic summaries

  4. Newsletters

  5. Minutes

  6. Detailed records of outcomes, decisions, action items, discussion and debate

  7. Tracking of speakers’ names or anonymity

Breadth of experience


With over 18 years of experience in the preparation of meeting and conference reports, I have worked in many different fields, including public health, trade, technology, medical research, business, international affairs, environmental science, management theory, strategic planning, human resources, municipal affairs, social services, education and sustainable development.

Clients have found my reports to be a great way of sharing information internally or presenting news to a wider audience.

Facility with scientific and technical material

In my years as a conference notetaker, I have developed exceptional skill at taking accurate, detailed notes during highly technical presentations and discussions. I have written comprehensive summaries of meetings on scientific research, environmental science, renewable energy technologies and labour negotiation strategy.

If your subject matter is scientific, technical or legal, please get in touch with me directly and we can discuss whether I would be the right person to capture your material in a report.

Erinne is a regular session “scribe” and report writer for me, and also for John Butcher (Associates in Planning). We both think very highly of Erinne. She is capable of producing a wide variety of reports. You won’t regret using her services.

Tony Nash, Facilitator

Inter-Connex Consulting

Meeting and Conference Reports






tailored to meet your needs





I was amazed at Erinne White’s calmness in the face of the complexities of organizing the concurrent sessions in different cities. It was a constant assurance that the project was running smoothly. Each time I called, I felt that Erinne was incredibly informative and helpful. I was really impressed.

Debbie Hum

Writer and Project Manager

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