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In any writing project, my goal is to convey your message in the style and tone best suited to the audience. With my depth of experience in a broad range of subjects, I understand how to write in your “language”. I can translate complex information into clear language and offer advice on its presentation.

Where there is a translation or design requirement, I collaborate with trusted colleagues to provide you with a complete, polished publication.

I have prepared project summaries, information sheets, newsletters, brochures and other promotional materials.


Good editing requires objectivity, experience and deep respect for the nuances of the writing. I tailor my approach to the specific requirements for each project, always respecting the author’s work. I take special care with politically and culturally sensitive material and have expertise as an editor of scholarly and specialized documents.

I offer stylistic and substantive editing, copy editing or simple proofreading. If you have an in-house style guide, I will meet its requirements. I have experience with everything from scholarly books to plain language information materials. My goal is always to ensure clarity and readability, regardless of the complexity of the material.

Writing and Editing

View a sample of my work here.

This information tool on brownfield redevelopment was published by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

I wrote the text, coordinated translation and design services and proofread the final copy before the document went to print.

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The summaries are excellent! I am most appreciative of your crisp, clear writing and attention to detail.

Janice Hall, Communications Officer, Federation of Canadian Municipalities